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Mecaru Ceremony at Haigha House

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Every year at Haigha House, we hold the sacred Mecaru ceremony (upacara) according to Balinese tradition. It's an important ceremony in Bali, aimed at balancing the nature's positive and negative energy. The word 'caru' itself means 'harmony'; in Bali, we believe that to maintain a harmonious world, there should be a balanced relationship between the negative and the positive powers of this world, as well as between humans and the environment where they live in.

This annual ritual, held during tilem (the dark moon), is carried out at each house, where we prepare offering to worship Bhuta Raja, Bhuta Kala, and Bhatara Kala at our house pelinggih (temple). The offering consists of five-colored rice, brumbun (colorful) chicken, and tetabuhan arak.

In Bali, Mecaru ceremony addresses and symbolises the importance for us humans to maintain the harmony of nature, environment, and everything inside it. Something that we believe wholeheartedly.

Religious ceremony plays a large role in Balinese daily life. Most people on the island practices Balinese Hinduism, a unique blend of Indian Shivaistic, Buddhist traditions, and ancient local customs. There are dozens of religious ceremonies held every year on the island, it's a privilege to experience and witness the island's bright and richly cultural traditions when staying in Bali.