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Ubud: 2017's top urban destination?

We don't know about "urban", but we can concur that Ubud is definitely one of the world's best when it comes to travel destinations.

Every year, Travel + Leisure asks their readers to rank their best travel experience all around the world in their World's Best Awards. The annual reader survey gathers popular travellers' opinions, and respondents were made to rate their favourite cities all around the globe.

This year marks the 22 years of World's Best Awards, and the results are already out! Our town, Ubud, made it to The World's Top 15 Best Cities (Urban Destinations) and The Top 10 Cities in Asia.

While we might not have the fascinating, sprawling urban architecture like Tokyo (No. 9 in Top Asian cities) or Bangkok (No. 8 in Top Asian cities), or the worldwide fame of the awards' veteran such as Florence (No. 5 in World's Best Cities) or Barcelona (No.15 in World's Best Cities), readers love Ubud for its gorgeous, lush surroundings, arts and spirituality. “I loved everything about Ubud,” said one reader. “I was spoiled by the kind and thoughtful people I met everywhere I went.”

“I was spoiled by the kind and thoughtful people I met everywhere I went.”

Need accommodation while you're in Ubud? How about a private industrial loft in the middle of the lush Ubudian rice terraces?

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